Get a Glosshouz monthly membership and save on all our services and products.

Enjoy perks and benefits such as birthday present service and complimentary beverages.


Enjoy member-only pricing for designated Signature Services (SS) valid on Sundays - Fridays.  Saturdays excluded as well as Mother's Day, Father's Day and Valentine's Day each year.


No long-term contracts. Flexible.  After a 90 day intro period, Memberships are month-to-month and require no long term contract.  You simply make monthly payments that can be used towards any purchases at Glosshouz. There is no fee or cost for the Membership itself.  If you don't use your monthly credit in any month it just rolls over and accumulates until you use it.  After a 90 day intro period, a Glosshouz Membership can be adjusted with 30 days' notice (upgraded, downgraded, placed on hold, or cancelled).


Use your membership payments for any Glosshouz purchases. Each month you can apply your Membership account credit toward any services or products you choose to purchase at Glosshouz.  If you do not use your full credit amount in any given month, the unused dollar amount will roll-over to the next month without penalty and can be used at a later date.


For individual, family, friends or corporate.  Family, friends and corporate type memberships are group memberships that share one account at Glosshouz, and require only one person responsible for the monthly payment.  Anyone added to the account by the original member can receive member benefits on that account. 


3 membership levels to choose from. Membership levels in increasing order are Serendipity, Silhouette, and Sophisticate.  Increasing benefits are provided for each higher level of membership.


Special Price Signature Services (SS). Just for our Members! Glosshouz Memberships include the ability to receive designated Signature Services (SS). This includes lower rate SS Lash Extension services for members as well as added savings per month on Medspa treatments and other popular services.  SS savings excludes Saturdays as well as Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Valentine's Day each year.  See list of Signature Services. 

Glosshouz Memberships Levels are listed below along with the increasing benefits associated with each level.  Also, see the Glosshouz Memberships Compare chart.

Serendipity Membership


   Silhouette Membership


Sophisticate Membership