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Savings Program


We hope you'll agree...

our BFF Savings Program   allows us to be

best friends forever.


Enjoy perks and benefits such as complimentary birthday present, beverage each visit, savings on products, savings on services, extra discounts on Signature Services, BFF Lash Fill discounts, BFF deep discounts on energy-device treatments, same day half-price services for you or a first-time Guest, and up to $2/unit off our BOTOX sale prices. Details below.


Monthly Auto-pay adds points credit to your Benefits Flex Fund (BFF) loyalty account with us. This works like a beauty and wellness savings program for you to use towards future purchases at Glosshouz.

Flexible. Use your BFF account points credit to make purchases for anything at Glosshouz. Unused credit rolls over to the next month without penalty.

Month-to-month. No long-term commitment.  After a 90-day intro period, you can upgrade, downgrade, freeze, or cancel with 30-days’ written notice.

For individual. For family.  Family can share one account and require one person to pay. 

Member Discounts, Signature Services, & BFF Half-price Services Enjoy discounts on 1st daily appointments, special-rate Signature Services, and Half-price 2nd spa or beauty service appointments if they're booked on the same day!  Use your Half-priced spa service for yourself or for a first-time Guest friend.  

Three levels to choose from. Choose from BFF Levels 1, 2, or 3.  Sign up for what you’ll eventually spend; you can always upgrade or downgrade if desired.

Glosshouz BFF (Benefits Flex Fund) Savings Program levels are listed below along with the increasing benefits associated with each level.  Also, see the Glosshouz BFF Savings Program Levels Compare chart.

BFF Level 1 - $77/mo

Serendipity Glosshouz Membership
Silhouette Glosshouz Membership

BFF Level 2 - $149/mo

Sophisticate Glosshouz Membership

BFF Level 3 - $221/mo

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