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Beautiful day spa


We look forward to seeing you soon! 

You are invited to arrive at Glosshouz 15-20 minutes before your appointment start time in order to browse our store, enjoy refreshments, change attire if appropriate and have time to relax in the lounge area. 


Let us know how we can best serve you?  Text or Call 303-459-4210


If you must cancel or reschedule any appointment please see our related policies below.



  • GLOSSHOUZ SCHEDULING CONVENIENCE - The Glosshouz website (this, booking link) or the MindBody Mobile Application makes it very easy for you to book, reschedule, or cancel appointments directly from your mobile device for your convenience. When you login you'll be able to change, reschedule or cancel with just a couple of clicks while on the go.  If you're inside the rescheduling cutoff window, you'll need to text/call directly us please. 

  • LATE ARRIVAL POLICY - We really hate to disappoint any guest, but please understand our business is a timely service for your convenience.  Late arrivals are cause for disappointment all around.  It will disappoint you as you do not get the full service time and it will cause havoc on the schedule for other guests that may be caused to be delayed.  Therefore, if you are late for any service appointment by more than 10 mins, we will need to charge the late cancel fee on that day and reschedule your service. 

  • CANCEL or RESCHEDULE NOTICE POLICY - You may cancel or reschedule your appointment by phone (call or text to 303-459-4210), or on our booking website online, or on the Glosshouz Mobile App with no charge with at least 24 hours advanced notice for a single appointment. Each added appointment booked requires an extra days’ notice to cancel or reschedule,. Two appointments require 48 hours notice; three appointments require 72 hours notice and so on. Spa and Beauty Packages which consist of multiple appointments require 7 days' notice to cancel or reschedule. People booking appointments on behalf of friends and family are personally responsible for any missed or rescheduled appointments that they have booked. In addition, spa parties that are booked for more than (4) people receiving services require 30 days notice to cancel or reschedule any single appointment in the group of bookings.

  • LATE CANCEL or RESCHEDULE FEES - If you are more than 10 mins late or must cancel or re-schedule any appointment short of the required notice period then we will charge a minimum of $25 per appointment hour missed, and we reserve the right to charge up to 50% of the regular service price.

  • CHARGE FOR NO-SHOW - Appointment no-shows are to be automatically charged 50% of the appointment service(s) price.

  • PAYMENT OF FEES - A credit card is required to book any appointment. The automatic service charges for appointment reschedules, cancels, and no-shows will be made to your credit card on file. If the payment is declined your fees will be added to your account balance with us and will require payment of an alternate method. If we have no card on file, the service charges will be made against your account with us and you will be responsible for paying the fees.

Please understand that cancel and reschedule service charges are necessarily required due to incurred costs to the business in getting prepared for your appointment as well as being able to compensate our employees fairly for their time.

Click here for online booking.

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