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Get the gorgeous hair you were meant to have!  Real human hair extensions have continued to grow in popularity, from the celebrity movie stars to the girl next door.  It's more common and easier than you think.  Whether you desire extra volume, length, or just want hair that behaves much better than your own, you'll be happy to learn it's only an appointment away at Glosshouz.  To learn more, read our Hair Extensions FAQ put together for your information below. 







Hair Extensions Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Yes, you want 'em!  But, you have a question (or two) like:  What is the process of getting hair extensions at Glosshouz?  What are the costs? What are they made of exactly?  How easy are human hair extensions for me to maintain?  How real do they look when I have a ponytail?  How does it feel to have them in all the time? Can I ski, swim, shower and shampoo with them?  How long do they last?   Will my hair extensions fall out randomly? Can I color and highlight them myself? 


These and more questions about real human hair extensions are answered below.
























Hair Extensions Appt.Consultation No Charge

Select this appointment and we'll give you an overview of the types and choices in hair extensions and explain the process involved in getting and maintaining them.  This luxury service can change you life!  Live with and love the long luxurious hair you were meant to have.  It's easier and more common than you think.  Also, see our Hair Extensions FAQ for more information.


Hair Extensions Beaded crimp-on style  $600 depending  On special! Save 15% for a limited time

Price range for a set of beaded crimp-on type of real hair extensions.  Pricing depends upon length of hair and quantity of hair desired (fullness).  All Glosshouz hair extensions services include color match service,  installation, shaping/blending of hair, and styling of hair as desired.  The entire process is expected to take from 90- 120 mins. 


Hair Extensions Tape-in Style  $600 depending  On special! Save 15% for a limited time

Price range for a set of tape-in real hair extensions.  Pricing depends upon length of hair and quantity of hair desired (fullness).  All Glosshouz hair extensions services include color match service,  installation, shaping/blending of hair, and styling of hair as desired.  The entire process is expected to take from 60-90 mins. 


Maintenance Beaded Extensions $150 typical

Maintenance appointment for beaded type of hair extensions (8-10 weeks is best). This service is required to maintain your beaded hair extenstions throughout the year as your hair grows out naturally.  The maintenance process can take from 60 - 120 minutes depending on the amount of extensions.


Maintenance Tape-in Extensions  $150 typical

Regular maintenance for tape-in type of extensions (6-8 weeks intervals is best).  This service is required to maintain your tape-in hair extenstions throughout the year as your hair grows out naturally.  The appointment process can be expected to take about 60-90 minutes.


See also our information guide Hair Extensions FAQ.


Hair Extensions Cost

What is the process of getting hair extensions at Glosshouz?

Glad you asked!  You are now on your way to getting the Hollywood-worthy, entirely glamorous, to-die-for hair that you know you should have.


STEP 1:  The first step is to simply make an appointment with Glosshouz (online or by phone) for a "Hair Extensions Consultation".  This thirty-minute appointment is a no-obligation, completely complimentary discussion with you about how you would like your hair to look and the options available to you with hair extensions.  During this appointment, we will discuss the three types of hair extensions (beaded, tape-in, and bonded) along with the pros and cons of each as well as discuss which type may be best for you.  We'll also determine the length of hair you'd like as well as fullness, and we will permform a precise color-match of the hair extensions to your own hair which will ensure a very natural looking style. 


STEP 2:  We will then provide you with an absolutely no-obligation proposal for your hair extensions.   If, at this time you would like to go forward, you will pay 50% of the hair extension price as a deposit.  We will also make you an appointment a few days out, at your convenience, to return to Glosshouz for the "Hair Extensions Installation" appointment.


STEP 3: In a few days, you will return to Glosshouz for your "Hair Extensions Installation" appointment that will typically require about 45 to 90 minutes to complete.  The time required for installation is dependent upon the quantity and type of hair extensions that you have chosen.  During this appointment we will also perform a complimentary cut and style of the hair extensions which will perfectly blend them to your natural hair for an amazing finished look. Coloring options are available to you for your own hair at this time, but are not at all required.

How much do the real hair extensions cost? 

Just to give you a ballpark idea, we can tell you that it will likely cost between $500 to $900 for the initial installation.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to tell you exactly how much it will cost until we've determined which type, amount, and length of hair extensions that you prefer.  Also, please be aware that "Hair Extensions Maintenance" is required over time as your real hair grows out in order to remove and re-install the hair up higher towards your scalp on the hair shaft.  Maintenance of the hair (performed every 6-12 weeks as your real hair grows out) will typically cost from $75 - $150 dependent upon which type and quantity of hair extensions you have. 


What are real hair extensions exactly?

The hair extensions Glosshouz uses are so-called "remy" real human hair extensions that are originated typically from European countries.  Remy hair extensions are considered to be the finest quality of human hair extensions because the cuticles are installed intact and aligned at the top with all hair lying in the same direction which is most natural to one's own hair.  The hair extesnions are processed and dyed to the choice colors we have available which allows us to perfectly color match anyone's hair color.  The hair extensions themselves come bundled together into installation pieces consisting of about 75 hairs in each piece which helps to ease and speed up the installation process.


How easy is it to take care of the hair extensions?
The hair extensions pretty much are taken care of just like you own hair.  We recommend that you shampoo your hair just as you would normally, every three days or so.  You also need a good leave in conditioner which keeps the hair extensions hydrated and silky smooth.  We recommend UNITE 7-second Leave In Conditioner.  A little extra care is needed when brushing with a soft bristle brush toward your scalp area so that you will not unnecessarily snag the extensions while brushing.  
How do I know my hair extensions will look real and natural? 
Some of us at Glosshouz love and have worn hair extensions for years.  We will love to show you first hand how natural and real they do look, just ask us!  Also, be assured that people who don't know you and would not notice that your hair has suddenly gone from short to long, will not be able to tell that you have hair extensions unless you tell them!
Can I wear a ponytail or put my hair up?

Yep. The hair extensions are matched to your root color and installed behind about 1/2" of your real hair line.  So, you are able to wear your hair up into a ponytail for the gym or a special occassion style if you like. 

How long do the hair extensions last before I must purchase new ones?
On average and with proper care, real hair extensions typically will last about one year or longer before they will need to be replaced.
How does it feel to have hair extensions?
Most people say that after they've gotten used to having the hair extensions in for a while, they do not feel them at all!  One small forewarning, however, is that if you are getting hair extensions for the first time and you typically have a sensitive head, your scalp may become a bit sore from the initial installation and extra bits of tension added from each hair extension.  Your scalp, if you press on it, may be sore for a day or two, especially the first evening.  If this happends to you, it is completely normal and can be managed with a little pain reliever before bedtime.  The soreness will typically go away within 24-72 hours.
Can I ski, swim, shower, and shampoo my hair as usual?

Sure. You can ski, swim, shower and shampoo as usual and your hair will look very natural while doing it. 


Will my hair extensions fall out randomly?
No, they will not.  However, in between hair extension maintenance appointments, you may occassionally lose a hair extension piece if you are tugging or otherwise rough with it.   It is uncommon for any piece to just fall out randomly.  If you do lose a hiar extension piece, be assured that luckily you will have many more in place and it will not even be noticeable.  Simply bring in the piece that fell out, and we will put it back in for you either at your next appointment or sooner if you prefer (no charge applies for this).
Am I able to color or highlight, flat-iron, curling iron, or blow dry my hair extensions as usual?
Yes.  Whatever you do to your own hair is typically fine for the hair extensions too.  The hair extensions will behave similar to your own hair (much better actually).  It is often commented that the hair extensions hold curl better, hold styles better, don't frizz like real hair, etc.  You can be assured it is fine to color, highlight or otherwise process your hair as desired. 
Do I need to take special care while sleeping with my hair extensions?
No.  You can sleep with hair extensions in just as you do normally.