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We hope you'll agree...

our BFF Savings Program allows us to be

best friends forever.

Glosshouz BFF Savings Program

 For valuable perks, discounts and benefits!

Glosshouz offers three (Benefits Flex Fund) BFF Savings Program Membership Levels. Based on your level, each month the program allows you to save monthly payments into your Glosshouz  BFF account.  You then use your monthly credit to buy anything at Glosshouz.  If you do not use your credit each month, your funds roll-over and accumulate until you come back to use them.


Glosshouz BFF Savings Program memberships can be used for an individual or for a family.  Membership benefits include discounts on all our services and products based on your BFF Savings Program level as well as special rate Signature Services, half-priced same day services (for you or a Guest), and valuable extra savings on medspa services like BOTOX and  Dysport.  A complimentary beverage per visit and free birthday present service are added perks for all our BFF Members!

Click here to view details and our Membership Pricing 

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