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What's a blowout?

What's a Blowout?



A Blowout is:

  • 45 minutes of happiness and relaxation for just about $55
  • a shampoo, condition, and professional styling that imparts gloss, bounce, and confidence
  • the fastest way to "cool girl hair"
  • a perfect gift for your wife, friend, sis, mom or anyone with hair long enough to blow!

Glosshouz mantra is: Your essence. Our magic. 

Let our talented stylists work their magic on your hair!

Blowouts are becoming more and more popular.  It’s a trend that is really catching on cost-to-coast.  At Glosshouz, we focus our skills and energy on bringing you the latest and greatest styles from the across the globe to have you looking red-carpet-ready or just ready for your day. We also work to ensure our City-style Blowouts last and last (for days anyway).


Our signature City-style Blowouts cost $55 ($48 - $52 BFF Savings Program Member Prices), regardless of whether we use additional styling products or tools, including a flat iron or curling iron. Or buy a package of Blowouts for even more savings! 


What to expect with a Glosshouz City-style Blowout

When you come into Glosshouz for a blowout, we'll seat you at the Aesthetic Bar and offer you a refreshment.  When it's time for your appointment, your stylist will come to get you.  Once you’ve met your stylist you’ll flip through photos of hair styles called our coast-to-coast City-style Guide Lookbook to choose a long or short finished look for your own hair. Among City-style Blowout finishes are these favorites:


  • The Denver Natural – Home-town favorite imparts natural loose glossy tresses

  • The Distinctly Dallas – Big volume, curls and shine

  • The NYC Sleek – Sleek and stylishly straight from the Big Apple

  • The Hollywood Retro -  Retro-styled neat waves, stay in their place

  • The Miami Beach – Messy, beachy, in pieces style


We also offer special occasion styles (SOS updos) and Gloss Girls Blowouts (for girls under 12) as well as Tiny tots blowouts (under 5 with Mom's service for just $15).  Too cute!  Our City-style Express option is styling in a hurry (come in with clean dry hair) and we will get you looking fab in no time!  Don’t see what you’re looking for? Our stylists are capable of customizing your look.


Once you’ve decided on a style, our trained stylist will wash your hair for you. She will help you decide what type of products to choose (volumizing, straightening, smoothing, and other). Glosshouz uses and stocks UNITE Hair Care products that look and feel amazing and smell fabulous. At any time, please feel free to give us direction on your preferences and how you like your hair done! Once your hair is squeaky clean, we take you back to the Aesthetic Bar area.  Your stylist will start by asking if styling products are OK and what type you like. We have everything you need including: mousse, volumizing spray, straightening lotion, curling lotion, hair sleeking serum, hair spritz, hair dust, hair spray, etc.


Our stylist works her (or his) magic on you with a round brush.

While you’re waiting for your stylist to finish your style, you can enjoy music, TV, magazines as well as a light snack or refreshment from our bar menu.Your Glosshouz stylist will double-check with you along the way to see how you like the way your hair is coming along (Do you want more or less volume? Are your curls too loose or too tight?) Feel free to speak up anytime along the way and point it out.  Our goal is your complete and utter satisfaction!


We also offer various upgrades to the blowout service:

         -  Add-on deep conditioning masque and massage, your hair and head will thank you

         -  Add-on a braid (traditional, fishtail, French, Dutch, or waterfall type designed into your style)

         -  Add-on design with hair extensions that we place (yours or buys ours) for that bit of extra glamour


A City-style Blowout at Glosshouz takes about 45 minutes from start to finish, depending on your hair type.


Is a Blowout Right for You?

Give us a try and see for yourself!  Some client’s enjoy blowouts up to two times per week.  Depending on weather outside and daily activities, some client’s make a blowout last for up to a week. This could be a major timesaver on a daily basis!  Not to mention, it’s so enjoyable to receive!



Click below to see our Blow Dry Bar Menu of Services or the Glosshouz City-style Guide Lookbook.

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