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BLOWOUT (wash, blowdry, City-style) $55 

Our signature City-style Blowout is the best way to "cool girl hair". Includes shampoo, scalp massage and blowout. Choose a City-style from our coast-to-coast City-style Guide Lookbook when you get here. 45 mins

BLOWOUT WITH EXTENSIONS (yours or buy ours)  $75

This service includes a Blowout (wash, dry, style) when you have extensions for us to perfect into your hair. You can also BYOE, Bring Your Own Extensions, or buy them from us. 60 mins


BLOWOUT SOS (Special Occasion Style)  $90

Special Occasion Style Blowout.  You can choose from our signature Updos, or bring in a photo of your own desired look and we'll re-create it for you.  This brings new meaning to the term SOS - Special Occasion Styling!  50 mins


BLOWOUT with a Braid   $65

Our signature Blowout followed by any of our chic braided styles:  ($10 per each braid) Traditional Braid,  Fishtail, or Waterfall Braid.  55 mins


BLOWOUT with a Conditioning Masque   $75

Our signature Blowout with a special treat for your hair which includes a deep conditioning treatment application of U Luxury Intense Mask, restores moisture and nourishes hair.  50 mins


Brazilian Blowout Treatment is able to smooth frizz and fly-aways and shine hair for up to 3 months.  Select this famous acclaimed service to tame your locks for months at a time.  120 mins



Book online under Blow Dry Bar category.  Select this appointment type to get ready for your party or event with us!  Combo appointment includes City-style Blowout of your choice and Makeup Application.  Makeup service includes foundation color-matching and eyes, lips, cheeks.  (+$20 for brows, highlighting, contouring. +$16 for false lashes) 105 mins

EXPRESS STYLE (dry hair, City-style only)    $40

Come in with clean, dry hair.  Choose a City-style from our Cost-to-coast style guide when you get here. You'll have "cool-girl hair" in no time.  30 mins


EXPRESS STYLE with Extensions (dry hair, your ext. or buy ours)   $60

Come in with clean, dry hair.  This service includes placing and perfecting your extensions with your hair style. Bring your own extensions or buy them from us.  45 mins


EXPRESS SOS (dry hair, Special Occasion Style)    $75

Come in with clean, dry hair.  This Special Occasion Service Express styling will get you looking red-carpet ready in no time!  You can choose from our signature Updos, bring in a photo, or describe your own inspired look.  Our talented stylists will re-create it for you.  Brings new meaning to the term SOS - Special Occasion Styling!  45 mins



One for you, one for her.  A perfect pampering treat for mom and daughter day (girls 12 and under) 45 mins


Upgrades may be included day-of; Add-ons will add extra time and should be booked ahead or may be available day-of if time allows.

Upgrade Double Hair Wash $5

Upgrade Braid $10 per each

Upgrade Extra Long, Thick or Curly Hair $15 per each

Upgrade Heavenly Scalp Massage 10 mins $20 

Upgrade Blowout with Hair Extensions $20

Upgrade Placing Clip-in Hair Extensions $20

Upgrade UNITE Deep Conditioning Treatment $25

Add-on Peppermint Scalp Massage, 15 mins $35

Add-on UNITE for Blondes: Tone, Seal, Protect Treatment $40

Add-on Hard Water Clarifying Treatment $40

Add-on Dry Scalp Soothing Treatment $40

Add-on Hair Glossing Imparts Shine $40

Add-on Olaplex Bond-building Restore Treatment $40





Love our City-style Blowout services?  The packages below provide the best value for blowouts whether you are a Glosshouz member or guest.

Package of 4 Blowouts ($48 ea)   $192

This package deal saves you $7 per blowout. Why wash and style your hair week after week, when you don't have to! 

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