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My Experience with Silhouette InstaLift(TM) Face Thread Lift Before & After at Glosshouz

I'm excited to tell you about my experience in getting the Face InstaLift Thread Lift treatment from Glosshouz for brows, mid-face, and jawline. As a reference, I am an average size, 5' 6", 135 lb, woman, 53 years of age. Over the years I've done BOTOX, fillers like Juvederm and Restylane, and other minimally invasive type of aesthetic services.

Recently, I've noticed and been bothered by my upper eyelids drooping slightly under my brows, and I have some noticeable wrinkles/folds next to my nose to mouth area. In addition, my jawline is just not as straight and firm as it used to be! After discussing these concerns with an aesthetic nurse provider at Glosshouz, I learned that a treatment option which can address these deficiencies is the Silhouette Face InstaLift(TM) Treatment for Brow Lift, Mid-face Lift and Jawline Lift.

After discussing all my available treatment options from BOTOX, to Juvederm fillers, to Kybella, the nurse and I agreed that I really didn't need more volume in those areas, I just needed a little lift to reverse what gravity has done over time. We discussed the pricing and I decided to do the Silhouette InstaLift pricing package which was on special at the time for $3,800 and included all three areas of the face (Brow Lift, Mid-face Lift, and Jawline Lift). I was surprised when my Glosshouz nurse provider informed me that the Silhouette InstaLift procedure usually takes under one hour to complete. She said she did have time available on her schedule to fit me in, and I decided to get the treatment the same day.

I went ahead with the procedure because my understanding was that it would be minimally invasive and have little to no downtime. I wasn't planning on any flying trips soon, nor dentist appointments, nor any other type of cosmetic treatments within 3 weeks, so it was determined that I was good candidate. (Also, I understand if you have extremely thick skin or extremely thin skin among other things, you may not be the best candidate for the procedure.)

Nurse Jessica described what would happen step-by-step and we proceeded as follows:

- Before photos were taken of my face from a few different angles on an iPad.

- I signed the consent form on the iPad system.

- I was reclined on the treatment chair and antiseptic was rubbed into my face in the treatment areas and subsequently this was cleansed off with alcohol wipes.

- The nurse then used a paper ruler and measured and marked my face above my brows, on my cheeks and on my jawline where the threads would be placed.

- Tiny injections of a local anesthetic solution were made to the treatment areas. The nurse explained to me that this is done so that I will not feel it where the threads will be entering and exiting my skin. During these injections, there was an initial prick feeling, but then after a minute or so, just like at the dentist office, all of those areas on my face were quite numb and I could not feel them.

The Silhouette InstaLift threads are made of sterile and dis-solvable Poly-L Lactic Acid (PLLA) suture material. They look like 5 inch fishing line string with alternating tiny little knots and four cones on each side facing each other toward the middle. My understanding is that the tiny cones are designed to catch and gather the skin and allow the lift to happen and well as to anchor the lift in the opposite direction which makes them quite effective.

- Next, the nurse used a "pilot" needle, she said to open up the skin where the threads will enter my skin. I could not feel the pilot needle at all, only slight pressure in each spot where she poked it.

- Now it was time to insert the threads. A longer, thinner needle which is attached to the thread itself is used to go through the "pilot" hole and guide the threads into place. I watched the whole thing with a hand mirror which was quite interesting. The guide needle easily glides like butter just under the skin which is the plane where the threads will remain installed. Once it traverses the line where it will be placed, it then pokes back out of the skin on the other side (but not to worry, I could not feel that whatsoever). Then, once the thread placed through the skin out the other side, the nurse gives the thread little tug, which does feel a bit odd as the cones are pulled into place under my skin, in just a second or so.

- Now the thread is under my skin and sticking out of my skin like a clear-colored whisker on each side. She left it that way while she quickly placed all the other threads around my face as planned: above my brows, in my mid-face and along my jawline on each side of my face. This part of the procedure, in total, took about 30 mins to complete.

- Once all the threads were placed it was time to do the lifting procedure. The nurse used her gloved hands and maneuvered the threads where she wanted them and then firmly rubbed my skin in the direction where the thread cones underneath could catch and anchor in place. This part took only about 2 mins to complete.

- Once all the threads were "set" into place I could see my immediate results which were impressive and just what I wanted!

My understanding is that not everyone will see the same results, but I was quite happy with the immediate improvement that I could see. The best part is that over time, the threads will dissolve after about 6 - 12 months and collagen will build up where the threads are placed which will help restore more youthful, firm skin in those areas. The overall improvement from the procedure is expected to last from 1-2 years and then it can be repeated if desired.

- The last step was to snip off the threads on the outside of my skin. This was done in a few seconds and the ends of the threads themselves basically disappeared below my skin.

- Only thing left to do was to cleanse my facial skin, as I did bleed in a spot or two during the procedure, and then we were done.

- The whole thing start to finish did take about an hour. I was happy about how quick and pain-free the whole treatment was.

In examining my facial skin at that point, I did have a few dot marks around my face which were spots of dried blood where the threads entered or exited. I also had a couple of small dimples above my brow, but the nurse said this should resolve in a day or two and that is exactly what happened. I did have one strange piece of clear thread sticking out of my skin a bit which I could feel with my finger, but you couldn't actually see it, but that also disappeared under my skin in a couple of days. It became completely smooth and all the dots healed as well which took about a week. Even so, those were quite manageable with make-up after day two.

The nurse described the aftercare instructions to me which were the following:

- No excessive alcohol the night of

- No strenuous exercise for 48 hours

- No excessive movements of my face for one week, (like heavy chewing or laughing)

- Use over-the-counter pain medicine like Tylenol if needed.

- Let her and the Glosshouz team know if any enter/exit point areas might get infected or not heal right away.

In the next couple of weeks, I did accidentally move my face laughing largely a time or two and I could feel the thread move and sort of pop but it wasn't visibly changed.

All together, it was an easy and very manageable procedure with little to no downtime. The evening of the treatment my face and jawline were fine (not sore at all), but my forehead was quite sore and tender to touch. I took some Tylenol the evening of the procedure before bed. It was kind of difficult to sleep the first night as I am used to sleeping on my side with my face in the pillow. Instead, I had to sleep on my back. By the next day and evening, my forehead soreness was quite subsided. I did have a tiny bit of swelling and small bruise where the threads entered and exited.

You can see from my photos how improved my appearance is from the Silhouette InstaLift Face Thread Lift treatments. I highly recommend this procedure for anyone who may have the same aesthetic concerns, yet they do not want to undergo an actual surgical face lift due to the risks, downtime, and costs associated with that type of procedure. I feel the InstaLift procedure is a valuable non-invasive treatment option which is great to help "slow" the hands of time.

If you'd like to see my Silhouette InstaLift Face Thread Lift Treatment before, during (bit gory), and after video, you can find it here: Video: Silhouette InstaLift Thread Procedure Before & After

I hope you found this post helpful if you are considering a Silhouette InstaLift Face Thread Lift treatment!

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monika gallardo
monika gallardo
Jan 17, 2023

Hey. How long they last? You feel your skin was good after some months?

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