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Perfect Winter Getaway: A Glosshouz Spa Day

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Four and a half hours of pampering? A girl could get used to this. by Glosshouz guest Jenny Clark This holiday season, Glosshouz in Centennial is offering its “Hello Gorgeous!” spa and beauty package “on special,” a combination of custom massage, blissful spa bath, custom facial, favorite beverage, and two additional beauty treatments you choose. I’ve never had a facial or a spa day, so I was thrilled when I received this treatment series as a gift.

Upon arrival, I walk into Glosshouz near Park Meadows Mall and am greeted by upbeat pop music, a sleek, wall-to-wall white interior and a pretty refreshments bar. It’s been a crazy few weeks – deadlines, late nights, too little sleep. I’m wondering if my extra-long days are causing hints of sluggishness rather than my preferred radiance. Luckily, the Glosshouz spa services are designed to nurture the body and mind of those needing a break from everyday routines and schedules. I’m ready to begin my salon time. I’m escorted into the ladies locker room where a very plush robe and comfy, padded slippers are waiting for me in an oak locker. I slip them on and feel spoiled already. I lock up my possessions and move into the Relax Room where a Mimosa is waiting for me. I sit quietly for several minutes, listening to calming instrumental music as a fire glows in the faux fireplace. Then a woman enters the dimly lit room and places a steaming, hot wrap around my neck. I think how relaxed I feel, and they haven’t even done anything yet! Serenity Custom Massage About ten minutes later, a man arrives to take me to a treatment room for the massage. First, the massage therapist asks if I have any muscles that bother me and I tell him that my upper back bothers me occasionally, especially at the end of the day. He focuses there, and with his 15 years as a professional, gives me tips on posture and my need for post-exercise stretching. The massage is so good I almost fall asleep. I’m left alone and in the same room enjoy 20 minutes of blissful quiet in a strawberry scented bubble bath. I feel like I’m in a swanky, Hollywood movie as I sip my Mimosa to celebrate this occasion. Luxe Custom Facial Earlier, I filled out a form describing features I’d like my facial to address, particularly rings under my eyes and dark freckles. I have no idea whether a lotion or treatment can have any impact, so I’m curious to find out. The skincare specialist explains the first mask will remove makeup and exfoliate, and that it might sting. It does, but not in a lobster-red, “can’t touch this” sunburn way; more like a brisk, post-ski-run sting. Meanwhile, a steamer gusts puffs of humidity into my face, making the experience like a cozy, tropical rainforest. Fortunately, the mask is only on for a few minutes. Then it’s time for a 20-minute treatment to moisturize and protect my skin. This mask “cools” my face and afterward I really look refreshed and rejuvenated. I love the results and decide to tell all my friends they need to come here so they can feel as special and self-assured as I do. Cherished Spa Pedicure and Manicure I chose these two services because I rarely sit still long enough to paint my own nails, but I love how they look. After a relaxing, warm scented footbath, there’s a peppermint salt scrub. What nail color to choose? A deep maroon – good for November. And as a high-performance shellac polish on my fingernails, the finish will last for two weeks or more. My spa day was remarkable! My face looks fresh and relaxed, my back is tension-free, and I’m feeling happy, calm and gorgeous. I’m so glad the holidays are coming up. I know exactly what I’m adding to my Wish List this season!

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