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Save $100 Now on Microblade Brows, Powder Brows, Lip Blushing & Eyeliner

Our multi-talented and certified Permanent Makeup Artist provides Permanent Makeup Services at Glosshouz.  Book your Consultation appointment to learn more.

Permanent Makeup services at Glosshouz includes various treatments and techniques for Brow Microblading, Ombre Powdered Brows, and combo Microblading + Powdered Brows, Lip Color Enhancements, and Eyeliner Enhancement.   Not all guests will be candidates for permanent makeup service, so please read below to learn more about it, and/or book a 30 min no-charge Consultation.


You are welcome to book a Permanent Makeup Consultation Appointment online to meet our exceptional Permanent Makeup Artist, Kay, and learn all about the service and what to expect.

Microblade Brows Permanent Makeup

Are you tired of carefully drawing on your brows 

every day?

Drawing brows, lip liner, and eyeliner every day can be beautifying but tedious. 

Microblade Eyebrows Actual treatment by Becca 

Are these regular staples for your best aesthetic appearance daily?  If you answered an absolute yes! then you may be a good candidate for permanent makeup treatments at Glosshouz.  This treatment is becoming more and more popular to help those wanting to cut back on their constant cosmetic regimen.  

While not everyone is a good candidate for this treatment (some medical contraindications apply), others will be extremely happy with their results and love the ability to save time in their daily routine.  

Did you know? Various factors affect the longevity of permanent cosmetic results and everyone is different, but some clients may enjoy the lasting results of their permanent cosmetics service from 1 - 5  years or more.

If you find this idea appealing, just book a no-charge Permanent Makeup consultation and we'll walk you through the information to help you decide if this treatment is right for you.  See below our pricing for Permanent Makeup procedures. 


Schedule your complimentary Permanent Makeup (PMU) Consultation appointment today! We will be happy to teach you all about Permanent Cosmetics solutions and help you decide if permanent makeup is right for you. Allow 30 mins
BROWS - MICROBLADE EYEBROWS $750  Now $650 (save $100 for a limited time)

Microblade Eyebrows technique applies thin color strokes to replicate a realistic and natural brow hair look.

Please allow 2.5 - 3 hrs.

BROWS - OMBRE POWDER EYEBROWS $750  Now $650 (save $100 for a limited time)

Ombre Powder Brows gives a ‘soft, powdery effect with all over color. The healed brows result is soft, powdery effect, with more structure to brow line that may be thinning or gone and gives all over color.

BROWS - COMBO MICROBLADE & POWDER EYEBROWS $850  Now $750 (save $100 for a limited time)

This service combines microblading strokes plus powder brow color fill-in techniques and takes longer to perform.

LIPS - BLUSHED COLOR LIPS $750  Now $650 (save $100 for a limited time)

This service creates over-all full color with lined lips and color blended throughout.

EYELINER - Regular Eyeliner Upper Only: $450 Now $350 (save $100 for a limited time)
Thin liner or soft, smoky liner in the lash line. Upper eyelids only.


Not recommended.



PMU TOUCH-UP APPOINTMENTS - One recommended between 4 - 6 weeks after initial appt

We recommend that a PMU (Permanent Make-up) Touch-up Appointment should be planned as well for optimal treatment.  The permanent cosmetic pigment will build upon the previous application to enhance the outcome and the longevity of the treatment. You should book the touch-up appointment before you leave the initial appointment so that you can be sure to get in on time. Ideally, between 4 - 6 weeks is best.

PMU Touch-up Before 60 Days $150

(Within 45 days - 60 days months after initial procedure)

PMU Touch-up Before 120 Days $200

(Within 2-4 months after initial procedure)

PMU Touch-up Before180 Days $300

(Within 4-6 months after initial procedure)

PMU Touch-up Before 1 Year $450

(Within 6-12 months after initial procedure)

PMU Touch-up /  Re-design After One Year $450 - $750 - Final Pricing by consult.

(Select this appointment type after you've had your consult.)

Eyebrow Microblading by Becca

Lip Blushing - Permanent Cosmetics for Lips

Lip Blushing Permanent Lip Cosmetics,  Actual treatment by Becca 

Permanent cosmetics for lip s - so called lip blushing technique is a natural and beautifying treatment to add touch of permanent coloring to your lips.  The definition of outline and and precise color matching technique leaves your lips looking perfect without makeup all day!

Book your Permanent Makeup Consultation Appointment with Kay today.

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