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My Experience with Juvederm Lip Injections

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Glosshouz is amazing. They scheduled me in the books within two days for a medspa appointment to get my lips done with Lauren. Lauren was super knowledgeable and very sweet. We discussed all my concerns and goals, and then she recommended we use Juvederm XC on my lips. Once we decided on that, Lauren numbed me with the numbing cream. I guess it can be a little scary to get poked with needles on your lips, but Lauren is very gentle. She applied the numbing cream on my lips and around my lips, we left it on for about 20 minutes. I tried to not talk with the numbing cream all over my lips so I don't take any of it off by talking,

LOL The whole time I was sitting with it and feeling it numb my lips I was just thinking the whole time how this was the best cream for numbing I’ve ever tried. I’ve gotten my lips done before and have been numbed by other creams but this one was the most effective. It was working extremely well, I wasn’t able to talk because of how numb they got… I tried but I ended up slurring since I wasn’t able to really move my lips so that was pretty funny. That's how you know that its working! I didn’t feel the poking compared to my previous experiences. While injecting, I did bleed a little and I felt a little pinch when I got poked around the lips but thankfully the product has anesthetic in it also, so it actually was fine. Then after the filler was in, she showed me my results and I already loved them! They were a little swollen right after getting them done but I loved how full they looked. Funny thing is, once the swelling went down I wanted more! They stayed swollen for up to a week, and they bruised only a little bit. Overall, my lips healed quickly, and I am very happy with them. It might be scary to get yourself to try it the first time when you don’t know what to expect, but once you get yourself on that seat and just do it you’ll keep wanting more. I love Lauren's tenique and expertise. My lips turned out great!! I love getting lip fillers done because I used to have pretty small lips. So, I’m very thankful for lip fillers and how popular they've become recently.

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