Life's Too Short for Bad Make-up

Updated: Oct 27

Read this to learn all about toxic ingredients to avoid in your cosmetics

African American woman looking elated that she has chosen cosmetics free of makeup toxic chemicals.

Before heading back to your regular store counter or online cosmetics site to replenish your makeup, let’s consider what may be hiding inside what you select. Cosmetics in the U.S. can include ingredients that are actually harmful for your health as well as your skin..

Life’s too short for bad makeup. A better option is to select cosmetics known for skin-loving ingredients instead. Makeup that makes you look better even after it’s washed off? Yes, please.

Makeup Toxic Chemicals

According to The American Testing Lab, harmful chemicals used in thousands of cosmetic products could cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm. While the list of offending ingredients is long, it’s useful to keep your eye out for the prevalent bad few. This list includes some of the most commonly-used offenders.

Commonly used in cosmetics, this artificial preservative can extend product shelf life. The problem is, studies suggest that parabens can disrupt hormones in the body. These hormone impacts have the potential to harm reproductive structures and birth outcomes and may increase the risk of breast cancer. They’re also known to cause skin irritation. Avoid cosmetics with methylparaben, ethylparaben, isobutylparaben, butylparaben, isopropylparaben, and propylparaben in the ingredients list to prevent these side effects.

This prevalent makeup ingredient creates a nice texture in many powdered products available for sale today. Unfortunately, talc often contains asbestos and is banned in the European Union because of its cancer and organ system toxicity potential. To avoid these concerns, do not buy items containing cosmetic talc or talcum powder.

Synthetic preservatives
Like parabens, synthetic preservatives act to extend the shelf life of cosmetic products. Of course, maintaining the condition of these items for longer periods of time has its benefits, but perhaps not at the cost of consumer health. Many synthetic preservatives are derived from petroleum and may release formaldehyde (a known human carcinogen). To keep formaldehyde as far from your face as possible, avoid buying products including triclosan, methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone, chlorphenesin, chloroxylenol, Iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, and methyldibromo glutaronitrile.

Synthetic fragrances
These get used in a lot of cosmetics out there, but do we really need our face to have a smell? Not us. Especially since synthetic fragrances have been linked to increased cancer risk, toxicity, and allergy. Pregnant women and infants especially are warned to take extra care and avoid products with synthetic fragrances. Experts suggest avoiding cosmetics with any unspecified “fragrance” ingredients.

Banned in the European Union, thanks to harmful side effects, phthalates are still permitted in cosmetics and other products in the US. This form of synthetic fragrance can increase cancer risk, cause reproductive harm, and disrupt the endocrine system. Products without this harmful chemical usually state that they are phthalate-free.

If you suffer from celiac disease or a gluten allergy, it’s important to avoid products with any gluten-derived ingredients. Even though you won’t consume your cosmetics (we hope), gluten ingredients can cause allergic reactions – or worse – to those with a sensitivity. Look for products labeled as gluten free or from a brand that clearly lists gluten in products that do contain it - you’ll be able to trust that their other products are celiac-friendly.

Cosmetics that Promote Health and Beauty

At Glosshouz, we exclusively use Jane Iredale Cosmetics, known as the “skincare makeup” – and for good reason!

When it comes to your skin, the Jane Iredale cosmetic products (that were developed for dermatologists originally) are good for your complexion in many ways and can make a world of difference to your skin health. This makeup with high-quality ingredients can do much more than cover blemishes and discoloration. Select the right makeup for you and it will work to make your skin more beautiful – even after you wash it off.

You know the cardinal sin of skincare – neglecting to protect against sun damage. Not only do you up your chances of developing skin cancer when you skip the SPF, you also speed up your skin’s aging process. No one wants that.

According to the National Library of Medicine, long-term studies show that sunscreen use significantly reduces the risk of melanoma and protects against skin-damaging effects. Save some cash and daily prep time by selecting a foundation that includes SPF in the formula. Jane Iredale cosmetics offer a myriad of choices for foundations and powders with SPF.

Mineral Makeup

Looking for beauty products that act like skincare? Mineral makeup – like the Jane Iredale Cosmetics mineral line – is your best option. Mineral foundations won’t cause acne, won’t clog your pores, are gentle on skin, and also provide sun protection.

Great for acne-prone skin - mineral makeup tends to play well with finicky skin types, thanks to ingredients like zinc that work actively to fight breakouts.

  • Friendly to sensitive skin - most mineral options avoid irritating chemicals, like parabens and waxes.

  • Stays put - thanks to their low moisture content, mineral makeups usually smudge less and stay in place all day long.

Moisturizer Moisture is the enemy of wrinkles, redness, and peeling. Of course, moisturizer is a must for any skincare routine. But, did you know your cosmetics can aid in hydration too? Beauty balm (BB) creams offer a light makeup look and often include ingredients found in skincare. Jane Iredale’s version uses fruit extracts and plant-derived oils for hydrated, glowing skin.

Lastly, as mentioned before about gluten allergies, Jane Iredale clearly indicates which few products may contain gluten ingredients. This gives us great confidence when helping our customers with gluten sensitivities.

The Best of Both Worlds

When it comes to something you put on daily, avoiding harmful makeup toxic chemicals is a must. Now, armed with this information, not only can you avoid questionable cosmetics ingredients, you can also find products with beneficial components that your skin will love!

On the search for new, good-for-you cosmetics? Visit us at Glosshouz for a complimentary color-matching or book makeup application where we will spend time perfecting your look for a special occasion... or just because.

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