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Glosshouz, a Medspa for You & Why

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Your face, body, and well-being are three of your most valuable assets. An experienced medspa like ours can enhance all three, leaving you feeling and looking your absolute best. However, if you haven't been to us for medspa services yet, it’s important to know just what we offer and why we stand out from the crowd.

Here’s what you need to know when choosing the best medspa for you:

  1. The medspa offers a variety of the latest popular and advanced aesthetic procedures available for you to choose from

  2. Providers are qualified for their positions with credentials necessary and are thoroughly trained for the advanced and expert treatments they provide

  3. The medspa and rest of facility is extremely clean and sanitary

  4. The staff truly cares about you and wants to help educate you about new treatments so you can decide freely what is best for you

  5. The medspa team all the spa staff receive excellent reviews from other's experiences and outcomes

  6. Prices must be fair and competitive in the market, and you should be rewarded for being a loyal client with discounts, perks and benefits

  7. The medspa hours should be those that can accommodate your schedule, not the other way around

*A medical spa (medspa) is a facility that includes minimally invasive aesthetic cosmetic treatments for its guests.

What treatments does the medspa offer?

With so many treatments out there, procedure selection is one of the most important steps in your aesthetic journey. You want a spa that can offer a variety of services to best meet your aesthetic needs. From cellulite reduction to laser facials and hair removal, to injectables, RF microneedling and threads, there are lots of newly advanced and effective treatments from which to choose.

At Glosshouz, we spend the time with you to learn your aesthetic concerns and, not only that, but we will spend time to help recommend and educate you about what procedures which are available that would benefit you most.

Who performs procedures in the medspa?

Be sure that your chosen medspa takes care in hiring experienced medical professionals so that your treatments are both safe and effective and provide a desirable outcome. Be sure to choose your provider based on qualifications in nursing, experience and certifications. At Glosshouz, all of our aesthetic injectors are registered nurses, and our laser technicians are licensed providers who go through and obtain extensive manufacturer's training and certifications to provide advanced procedures safely.

Also important, your Glosshouz providers are passionate about the services they provide, and they focus on the artistic application of the cosmetic treatments. Each medical staff member is licensed to perform all medical treatments offered and is evaluated by the spa’s medical director.

*Pro-tip: The aesthetic component of cosmetic treatments makes these procedures true expressions of art. As with any art form, happiness with the final result lies in the eye of the beholder. Like your favorite hairdresser or clothing designer, every nurse technician has their own style. One way to compare their taste to yours is to see before and after images of their work. Another tactic is to look at the faces of staff members around you… typically they've been treated and will show the capabilities of the medspa team's own ultimate aesthetic expression.

How clean is the medspa facility?

No one wants to visit a day spa hoping for a relaxing experience only to find unsanitary conditions. But when it comes to a medspa services, the importance of sanitation and in some cases sterilization of tools and surfaces goes far beyond appearance.

At Glosshouz, we love our clean white aesthetic, but even more important, we have procedures and processes in place to keep it sparkling clean and sanitary! Look at the floor, in corners, and take a trip to the ladies' lounge. We pride our team on keeping the cleanest spa around. As well, you can always ask our available staff about our cleaning methods and timing.

Customer service should be top priority

This one goes without saying, but we'll mention it nonetheless. Your cosmetic treatments should make you feel happy, relaxed, refreshed, and excited about your results. Anything less than stellar customer service can leave you feeling stressed or unhappy and that is the last thing we would want at Glosshouz. Our team members are happy to have you here and they are empowered to make sure you love your results.

The best way to determine customer service at your medspa is to book a consultation with one of the providers. Glosshouz offers complimentary consultations to new and existing clients for this very reason, and so that you can always rely on us to help you learn about new services. You’ll get to chat with the medical professional who might be the one to perform your treatments, ask them questions, and establish your procedure plan. At the same time, you can consider how we made you feel, and how we truly listen to your concerns and desires.

Of course, online review platforms such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook can provide customer service insight as well. No establishment can maintain perfect reviews, but overall trends and sentiments tend to hold true. Glosshouz reviews can give you insight as to how we take care of our guest clients and how they feel about us. Be sure to check out our reviews online.

Need for transparency in treatment plans and pricing

Medspa treatments are valuable investments. In order to prepare and budget accurately, it’s essential that your medspa provides clear procedure pricing details. If cost information is not available on the establishment’s website, consider stopping by or calling the location to request a pricing menu. Glosshouz makes our pricing available to you a number of ways, from the website Medspa Services pages, to the front desk specials flyer. You can also just call us!

When you find a great aesthetic provider, you want to keep returning for all your aesthetic needs. We like to reward our loyal clients with as many perks, discounts and benefits possible! With our BFF Savings Program, you will receive the best prices in town with the added discounts and benefits. Aesthetic treatments are a journey of improvement. Treatment packages and our BFF Savings Program can help you save significantly over time. For the convenience of our clients, Glosshouz provides all pricing on our website and our revolutionary Benefits Flex Fund (BFF) Savings Program for added savings.

Select the best medspa

Finding the best medspa for your needs is an effort well worth it. You deserve a medspa with the treatments you’re after, expert medical professionals, dazzling cleanliness, white-glove customer service, and up-front competitive pricing. Your health and self-esteem will thank you.

Have any questions? We're here for you! Text or call us 303-459-4210.

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