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7 Tips to Make your Eyelash Extensions Last the Longest

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

7 Tips to Make your Eyelash Extensions Last the Longest

You love your beautiful new eyelash extensions! They’re just about the greatest thing ever. Now, every morning, you just wake up and go – no mascara required. Even though they are enhanced most people will not even be able to tell you have them. Even your significant other cannot tell. He just thinks you look so pretty all the time. That’s awesome. So, next thing you need to know is, how exactly to take care of your lash extensions so that they last the longest until the next time you’ll go to have them filled in (typically 2-3 weeks in between).

Tip 1 Cleanse Your Lash Extensions Regularly

You shouldn’t get your lash extensions wet for the first 48 hours. However, after this short waiting period, you might be surprised to know how important it is to cleanse them thoroughly. Your lash extensions are adhered to your individual natural lashes with a cyanoacrylate-based adhesive that does not mix well with your natural oils. If you don’t cleanse your lashes directly with a cleanser like our Oil-free Cleansing Foam and a Lash Cleansing Brush, your natural oils and other debris builds up at the base of your lashes regardless of the amount of makeup that you wear or do not wear. Daily lash cleansing is essential for your own lashes and health, and it will also help ensure the longevity of your eyelash extensions.

Tip 2 Try Not to Sleep on your Lash Extensions

That’s so hard –we know! But, if you sleep heavily on one side or the other, you’re bound to lose more lashes on the side that you sleep on. If your sleep style puts you in this taboo position, you may want to consider picking up "Beauty Sleep Mask". "Beauty Sleep Mask" have molded pillows that rest around your lashes so that they stay protected while you sleep. These super cute masks especially protect lashes for stomach and side-sleepers. For an added benefit, they keep out the light, and they are easy to travel with as well!

Tip 3 Pick Your Best Time for Lash Extensions Fills

Everyone is different. How long you should go in between lash fills depends on the growth cycle of your own natural lashes and how you care for your lash extensions at home. You may need a fill as early as 2 weeks or you may be able to go as far out as 4 weeks before you need a fill appointment. For most people, full sets last an average of 4 weeks before they are mostly gone. The most common wear time is 3 weeks in between fills. However, some people wait as long as 4 weeks, and some just cannot stand to have a few lashes gone, so they come every one or two weeks. We recommend that you should get your lashes filled after you’ve had about 50% fallout. Avoid allowing your lashes to get down to less than 50% as that is usually more than 3 weeks out and then you’ll have to pay more for the fill appointment too.

Tip 4 Comb Through Your Lash Extensions Daily

Remember to gently comb your lash extensions each day for the best, fluffiest and prettiest lashes. Use the spooley (mascara brush) that we give you at Glosshouz to comb through your lashes. Make sure when you comb your lashes that they are all nicely aligning in the same direction and are all totally separated each one from the other as when you first got them applied. It is especially important to do this after each shower you take and when you put hot water on your face. Otherwise, your lashes may tend to stick to each other which you do not want to happen. When you are combing through your lash extensions, don’t comb too hard at the base area near you lash line, as this is where your lash extensions are adhered. Combing too hard may lift the lash extension bases. For the fullest effect, wash and rinse your lashes thoroughly and comb through them so that they are all separated and aligned again each time. You may also be interested in using our "Lash Gloss".

This lightweight glossy formula is applied to the length of your extensions with a mascara wand and it dries instantly for 24-hour hold and shine. It works as a sort of hair spray for your lashes to keep them all nicely aligned and lifted.

Tip 5 Avoid all Oil-based Products Next to your Lash Extensions

While most find they don’t really need it, if you decide to wear mascara or liners, make sure they are compatible with your eyelash extensions. Never use any waterproof or water-resistant formulas or oily makeup removers. Also, try not to leave makeup on your eyelash extensions overnight. When removing makeup, be sure to use a makeup-remover that is compatible with your new lashes like our Oil-Free Makeup Remover.

Also, be sure to avoid cotton or terry cloth towels for cleansing to avoid snagging or lifting the bases of your lashes. We recommend using a Lash Cleansing Brush to cleanse you lashes. It’s specifically designed to get in between the lashes gently to cleanse your lash extensions and lash line thoroughly. Also, if needed, you can try using an eyeshadow as liner. It should be much easier to remove daily and will not harm your lash extensions. Don’t forget to check your eye creams and sunscreens as well for oil based ingredients or glycerols.

Tip 6 Avoid Overexposure to Heat and Humidity

Some activities to avoid for the longevity of your lash extensions include the following: frequent hot yoga, sauna or steam room use, consistent baking or grilling/cooking, and blow-drying the front part of your hair angled down on the lashes. These are all things that can negatively affect your retention or possibly even straighten your extensions or cause them to warp as far as shape. If possible, try to avoid these activities on a frequent basis.

Tip 7 Stick with an Experienced Lash Extensions Artist

Remember, not all lash artists or the quality of lash products used are the same. Glosshouz takes great care to qualify and train our lash extension artists and we use tried and true, quality products and careful sanitation practices in order to create and maintain beautiful and safe lash extensions for our guests. We want all of our customers to love their lashes each and every time! You can also join our no-fee Membership (see Membership Program) for even greater savings on fills, and let us help you maintain beautiful long-lasting lashes for a long time to come.

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