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Laser Hair Removal Pre-treatment Instructions

What to know before you go

For optimal treatment conditions, please follow these instructions before your next laser hair removal appointment with us.

Before your appointment:

  • Shave the area being treated the day before your treatment, using soapy warm water.

  • Inform us of any changes that may apply to the medical form you completed

  • Wear loose clothing on the day of the treatment.

Be sure not to:

  • Apply any makeup or creams on the day of the treatment

  • Expose your skin to sun-beds, the natural sun or apply tanning products six weeks prior to your treatment

  • Use skin peels or any products containing glycolic acid in the area being treated at least two weeks prior to treatment

  • Use hair removal creams

  • Bleach the hair

  • Remove hair from the root by waxing, threading, tweezing or epilating throughout the course of treatment

Laser Hair Removal Post-treatment Instructions

What to expect after

Remember to follow these instructions after your laser hair removal treatment with us.

After Treatment:

First 4 Hours:

  • Do keep the skin hydrated with creams suggested by our therapist

  • Do apply a cold compress if the area feels hot or uncomfortable

  • Do take Tylenol if very uncomfortable or sore

Next few days:

  • Do contact us if you have any questions or concerns

  • Don't scratch the area after treatment

  • Don't use perfumed creams, soaps or exfoliating lotions on the treatment area

  • Don't expose your skin to heat - e.g. the sauna, hot baths/showers or exercising for 48 hours after treatment

  • Don't exfoliate or perform microdermabrasion, dermaplane, microneedling etc. for 2 weeks after treatment

  • Don't expose your skin to sun - beds, the natural sun or tanning products for two weeks after treatment

  • Don't remove hair from the root by waxing, threading, tweezing or epilating. Shaving is allowed during course of treatment

Laser Hair Removal FAQ

​​​​​​Does laser hair removal hurt?

We use best laser hair removal technology which provides the most comfortable treatment available on the market today.  With our cool freeze technology your skin stays cool and the shot of the laser feels merely like a rubber-band snap.  Most people say this is very tolerable.

How long does a laser hair removal treatment take?

Treatments are so quick you could do them during lunch! A lip or underarm treatment can be done in less than 10 minutes and otherwise, larger sessions we book for 30 mins.  Full body sessions are booked for only one hour.

Does laser hair removal really work and is it really permanent?

Yes! For permanent results, laser hair removal is the most effective way to get rid of unwanted hair anywhere on the body.  Though in most cases, persons will need about 6 sessions spaced 6 weeks apart for optimal results. In rare instances new or different hair may grow back (due to hormones, pregnancy, other factors).  In this case, you may receive touch-up treatments as needed.


At Glosshouz, if you are part of our BFF Monthly Savings Program we offer the "Smooth Guarantee" with every package purchased.  This means that once you finish your package sessions, any touch-ups that may be needed on that body part are complimentary as long as you are a member--so you never pay touch-up fees or need to buy additional sessions!

Can I receive laser hair removal treatments if I have darker skin?

Glosshouz laser hair removal technology works on all skin tones. Some hair removal methods are limited to light skin tones. But our laser is precise enough to target the hair follicle, and eliminate hair at the root without damaging your skin.

Can I get laser hair removal on any part of my body?

We can help you get rid of unwanted hair literally almost anywhere on your body! Laser removal can be performed on any area of the body except the eyelids and scalp. The most popular treatment areas are the legs, back, arms, chest, upper lip, underarms, and bikini area.  You can also get laser hair removal on your toes, hands, abdomen, forehead, other parts of your face and literally any other areas on your body that you just don't prefer hair.


Does laser hair removal work for blonde, red, or grey hair?


The answer to this is usually - yes, but the best way to determine if it will work for you is to come in for a complimentary consultation. If your hair is too light to work, we will let you know. Our top priority is your satisfaction, so we absolutely will not sell you laser hair removal if it won’t produce great results for you.

Blondes: Laser hair removal will work on most people with blonde hair as long as the hair isn’t “bleach blonde” or “platinum” in color.

Reds: It will frequently work on red hair as long as there is some pigment for the laser to capture.

Grey: Grey hair is actually a grey area when it comes to laser hair removal. We would have to see your hair to determine exactly how much pigment is left for the laser to target. Commonly grey hair has no pigment and then it would not be treatable. This can be determined during your consultation.

Is laser hair removal safe?

We use the safest laser in the industry, and take special care to prepare you for laser hair removal with our Pre and Post care guide.

Additionally, all of our treatment providers are Authorized Cocoon Medical Practitioners who have been trained by the manufacturer's trainers and are supervised by our medical director. Their comprehensive training touches on everything from laser physics to medical knowledge regarding hair growth, so that we will treat you safely and effectively.

What are the risks when receiving laser hair removal?

For laser hair removal, you will be treated by highly trained medical professionals. We provide eye protection and take all necessary precautions so your treatments are effective and safe. As with most medical aesthetic treatments, and since everyone reacts differently there are a few side effects and risks you should be aware of: 

  • Redness and irritation is common

  • Swelling or raised red bumps (a good sign it is working)

  • Some people may experience skin crusting uncommonly

  • Changes in skin color not usually

  • Eye injury is possible if eye protection is not worn

  • Risk of skin infection is rare and care should be taken after treatments


What should I do or not do after laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a simple procedure and there’s almost no recovery time so you can return to work, apply makeup or be active immediately after your treatment.

  • Be sure to wear sunscreen to protect the treated area and stay out of the sun for 7 days at least

  • If the skin is sensitive or irritated you may use over the counter (OTC) medicine such as Tylenol

  • If any uncommon side effects like a blister or bad skin irritation then please contact us for direction, but in most cases you may apply an antibiotic ointment to the area until healed

  • Avoid any other type of skin treatment for 2 weeks after the procedure

  • Use sunscreen daily, at least 30+ SPF

  • Gently exfoliate the area in the shower is ok

  • Do not wax, pluck or otherwise remove the hair by force, shaving is allowed

  • Due to skin sensitivity avoid excess heat for 48 hours such as really hot showers, saunas, hot tubs, or heat packs

  • Avoid make-up, deodorant, or other topical creams or medications for 24 hours

How much does laser hair removal cost?

At Glosshouz, we offer affordable a-la-cart pricing for Small, Medium, or Large sessions/areas.  You can buy your treatments one at a time if you prefer.  However, for our best pricing we offer a package of 7 sessions for the price of only 5! 


Additionally, we offer the BFF Monthly Savings Program which allows you to charge a Laser Hair Removal package to your account with us and pay it off monthly over time.  No interest and no credit checks required! Our BFF program is month-to-month with no long-term contract like most other laser hair removal clinics.  Our BFF Monthly Savings Program cancel policy is just a 30 day's notice after the intro period.

To give you an idea of total pricing, here are a few examples of our BFF Buy 7 for the price of 5 LHR Packages:

  • Medium/Underarms $900 total price (monthly payment of just $77 per month until it is paid off within 12 months)

  • Large/Brazilian Bikini $1,500 (join our BFF and pay only $149 per month for 10 mos)

  • Large/Men's back $1,500 for the full 7 sessions (buy up front or charge to BFF account with us and pay over time)

  • Women or men's BFF Full Body Package  $2,250 This is our best deal to target all unwanted hair at once.  (pay $221 per month until it's paid off in under one year)  Keep in mind all packages will take at least 42 weeks to complete if appointments are booked on schedule every six weeks.


What's included in the Glosshouz BFF Full-body Laser Hair Removal sessions?

The BFF Full-body session includes any combination of 2 large, 2 medium, 2 small areas total.  You may also trade this combination of areas as follows: trade 2 small for a medium or 2 medium for a large, or 2 small and one medium for a large, etc. as desired. The Glosshouz BFF Full-body Laser Hair Removal package amounts to a savings of up to $7,700!  If additional areas are wanted beyond the amount of 2L-2M-2S, those are paid for separately.  In most cases, most people will be completely satisfied what the Full body package can cover.

How many sessions are needed to obtain optimal results?

All people are different and some body parts may need more or less sessions, however, most people will commonly require 6 - 8 sessions for optimal results.

Do I leave a tip for laser hair removal?

While a percentage of the price is not expected for laser hair removal, your technician will always appreciate a gesture of appreciation for their expertise.  It is common to provide gratuity for your provider in the amount of about $15-20 for small area, $20-30 for a medium area, $30-40 for a large area and about $50 - $60 for a full body session only as you may feel obliged.

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