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New Concept in Aesthetics
By Peggy Bogaard-Lapp

February 4, 2016

Article reprint, Women’s Edition Magazine Denver.

A new and distinctive place to revive and refresh your essence to prepare you to take on the world is opening soon in Centennial, near Park Meadows Mall. At Glosshouz, owner/founder Loni LeVan-Etter brings a new and innovative concept to pampering yourself. More than just a hair and nail salon, Glosshouz combines all the services that women love, in one place. Their goal is to accommodate your personal style and taste at an affordable price.


“I always wanted to have my own business. With Glosshouz, I have turned this desire from a creative idea into reality,” says Loni. “It is a place for the trendy, but mingled within are the classic styles, too, offering a new experience for clients.”


With a background in electrical engineering, Loni took a complete turn when she moved to Colorado with her family. A proud mom of three, she balanced a busy family life with the creation of a beauty-based business from the ground up. When it came time to choose the name for her business, Loni first looked at calling it “Gloss,” as in the gloss that comes with a polished and finished look after a day at the spa. She added the “houz” to reflect the idea of having all the salon services housed under one roof.


Glosshouz is designed to have a clean, open feel. Juliana Rini and Lynn Coit with Elsy Studios were key in helping create the layout and the crisp, white atmosphere that makes this spa retreat unlike any other. The salon is a place where the client is the focus. When you walk in, you are greeted by something unexpected—an Aesthetic Bar. Here, you sit down and have some refreshments while you select the spa services that you desire. The menu includes smoothies and blended coffees, as well as wine and cocktails. Catering is available for larger parties or for a lunchtime appointment. It’s ideal for a “bring a friend” experience. The salon is set up so that you can enjoy your services together. The Nail Bar and Blowout Bar are just steps away.


One idea that makes Glosshouz unique is the manner in which clients book their services. Each client can create a personalized experience by selecting the services he or she wants from a Menu of Services. With a different take on an aesthetics bar and spa retreat, Glosshouz offers a huge variety of hair, nail, and body treatments. Massages and skin treatments, aromatherapy, manicures and pedicures, facial waxing, airbrush tans, and even eyelash extensions are available, as well. Loni also points out that the salon offers extended hours for many of their services. For example, an early morning blowout or manicure is simply a phone call away. Glosshouz also offers a mobile app to schedule appointments and coordinate services and a loyalty program for clients to accumulate points that can be used toward future services and products.


Glosshouz offers blowouts (a wash, dry, and style) featuring UNITE hair care products. It’s perfect before a big event or just to treat yourself. Loni suggests checking out the City-style Guide Lookbook on the salon website for examples of styles for short and long hair. From the Memphis Occasion to the Portland Ponytail, there are many looks to try for a special occasion—or just for fun.


Speaking of special occasions, Glosshouz is the perfect place to have a bridal party. Celebrate in the spacious private lounge and try out hairstyles and makeup collections. A personal party planner can assist with scheduling and ensure that everyone gets individual treatment while keeping the party going.


Not everything at Glosshouz is for adults. Gloss Girls is a bit of special treatment for girls 12 and younger. Packages include blowouts, manicures, and pedicures; they’re perfect for a mother/daughter occasion. For a special birthday or event, a Gloss Girls Party Package is a unique way to celebrate in style with a group of friends. For toddlers, Glosshouz also offers a manicure or hairstyle for those four and younger.


Loni has assembled a talented and experienced staff of cosmetologists, massage therapists, and aestheticians to provide her customers with the best service possible. She has also contracted to bring on Katia Meier, MD, as their Medical Director, to oversee the medical spa operations of the business.


Glosshouz will be showcasing new products to give clients a variety of choices in cosmetics and skincare including Jouer Cosmetics, 100 Percent Pure, and Jan Marini Skin Care, a medical-grade facial skin care line. Loni says each product has been chosen for quality and effectiveness, and Glosshouz has an in-house makeup artist to show you just right way to wear today’s looks.


“I had a determined tenacity to make this dream come true,” says Loni, as she talks about the journey of bringing Glosshouz to reality. Located next door to Uncorked Kitchen, a new concept in cooking parties, Glosshouz is at 8171 South Chester Street, in Centennial. You can reach them at 303-459-4210 or online at




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